Meet Stephanie — Your Holistic Success Coach

Elevate every facet of your life with Stephanie, an accomplished HR Leader, Certified Coach, and Career Transition Consultant. With a proven track record in coaching, Stephanie specializes in empowering leaders with the foundational skills for success, guiding professionals through career transitions, and championing a vibrant, plant-based lifestyle.

Meet Stephanie

Your friendly guide to unlocking success in leadership, career transitions, and well-being. Imagine having a seasoned coach who not only navigates the complexities of the corporate world with you but also believes in the power of creating your own reality for a balanced and vibrant life.

Throughout my career journey of over 25 years as an HR Leader, I have worked with leaders at all levels to navigate change and master managerial skills such as communication, conflict resolution, performance management, and leadership. Passionate about personal well-being, I created and managed wellness programs and initiatives to enhance employee morale and productivity.

Through coaching, I help individuals not only discover their full potential but also to align their realities with their aspirations and to transition into exciting new roles. Starting Stephanie Burke Coaching in 2019 marked the beginning of my coaching journey. As I ventured into coaching, I realized the profound impact it could have on individuals seeking positive transformations. This experience fueled my passion, leading to the creation of The Self-Empowered Leader, LLC in 2022. This venture wasn't solely about advancing my career; it was about establishing a haven where individuals could not only benefit from my coaching expertise but also amplify their personal leadership, preserve their unique talents, and embark on new beginnings. With a foundation in Stephanie Burke Coaching and the evolution into The Self-Empowered Leader, I am not just a coach; I'm your ally in actively co-creating the reality you desire.

Additionally, I am dedicated to helping those interested in adopting a healthier lifestyle through plant-based living, providing the guidance and support needed to create this positive change for themselves. This is driven by my deep belief (backed by science) that the Standard American Diet (SAD) is the cause of much avoidable illness and disease. After more than a decade as a Vegetarian, in the summer of 2019 I fully aligned with my values and went Vegan. My mission extends beyond personal well-being, encompassing a broader vision of fostering a sustainable and compassionate relationship with the environment and the creatures we share it with.

In 2023 I joined Lee Hecht Harrison, where I'm helping individuals navigate career transitions. It's not only about finding new opportunities; it's about gaining clarity on your values, life mission, and purpose and aligning your job search. I support you in the mechanics of the process such as resume writing, cover letter crafting, Linked In optimization, networking tips, interviewing skills, negotiation strategies, and onboarding guidance into your new role.

I've earned some credentials over the years, including Certified International Coach Federation (ACC), Certified Co-Active Professional Coach (CPCC), Organizational Development Certified Professional (ODCP), SHRM-SCP and SPHR. I'm also licensed and trained in the Quantum Endeavors Inpowered® Programs including The Corporate Coach, Quantum Start Onboarding, Leadership Development, Quantum 360® interview-based feedback assessment, and Team and Group Coaching.

In addition to my one to one coaching services for leadership coaching, career coaching, career job search coaching and healthy plant based living coaching, I am available to organizations to deliver trainings, workshops and one to one coaching.

Ready to embark on a journey of success? Let's chat – I'm here to help you thrive in leadership, career, and well-being, and co-create the reality you envision. Schedule a Discovery Call today!


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