As your Strategic Partner, we help you meet your talent challenges and create stronger leaders through customized solutions.

With over 25 years in HR as a strategic partner with leadership, Stephanie now works with organizations to support leaders at all levels to strengthen their leadership skills, create high performing teams and create greater results.


There are no two situations that are exactly alike.

That's why each engagement is custom built to your specifications.

I use a time tested framework that has over 15 years of success, getting organizations the deisred outcomes they wanted.

This framework supports the leaders, includes an interview-based 360 assessment, manager and sponsor alignment meetings and targets the specific goals and objectives set forth at the beginning of the engagement and agreed upon by all parties.

How I can help you

1:1 Executive Coaching


1:1 Leadership Development Coaching

1:1 New Leader Onboarding Coaching

Personalized 1:1 Career Search Coaching


1:1 Life Coaching

I have been mentored in a group setting for pretty much my entire corporate career, however, I had never had a 1:1 coach before. Stephanie served many years as a strategic HR partner, which is what I strive to be, and I'm always up for self-improvement so I was happy to accept her generous offer! I was expecting customized coaching to help me set and achieve my goals - I got that and so much more. What I was not expecting was how deeply moved I would be by the support she provided me during this time of hardship. Working with Stephanie was like shining a bright light in the dark to help me see a way forward and I am so, so appreciative for that.

Thank you so much Stephanie, for empowering me through your mission to call leaders forth into their highest potential!

- Nicole Craveiro-


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